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Personals in Tennessee

Hello all, I'm a young female and will be moving from UK to Memphis in the next few months. I'll be working at University of Tennessee Health Science Center but unfortunately I can't drive so surely it limits my choices. I don't mind how "diverse" will the area be but I would like to feel safe as a young woman moving to the area on her own. I would like to live in a place close to work, close to some bars and restaurants, gym somewhere where I could meet people Craigslist Memphis sex gay make some friends.

I have never lived in US before but lived in 3 different countries in Europe so I know common sense is the key but I would like some advice from you. I'm going to be looking for a 1-bedroom apartment with proximity to University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

I think living in Midtown could be a good option for me. Would you recommend living in apartment complexes such as Blair Tower or Edison? Although they seem to be more expensive than other 1-bed apartments in more residential part of Midtown, possibly it could be a good option for 6 months or a year until I get to know the area and feel comfortable and safe enough to venture elsewhere?

Or until I get a driving. Plus the apartments are furnishes which sounds nice for somebody who is in Memphis for 2 - max 3 years.

Personals in Tennessee

But they come unfurnished too. I would appreciate some help and advice.

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Thank you in advance!! Those complexes on Garland and McNeil are generally sorta rough, nothing dangerous but I had a friend that lived there that had a mega dick as an upstairs neighbor. They also mostly haven't been updated in a very long time.

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If I were you, I'd find something downtown and ride the trolley or the bus to the medical center. The trolley is the best option, but they're offline right now being restored, and I'm not sure when they'll be back online. Living Memphis without a car is not easy. Commuting to the medical center via bike isn't easy and isn't the safest option in the world.

Personals in Tennessee

Stick to public transportation is my opinion. The problem you will face is that UT has no safe housing around it. Nothing walkable. It's in a pretty rough area of town, and also a commercial area. If you did live around it, you certainly wouldn't be in walking distance of anywhere else, like a grocery store or restaurants.

Personals in Tennessee

You could live downtown and take a bus. I would guess there is a bus route that runs down Poplar, Madison, or Union that would take you right to UT. The trolleys are not running anymore They are supposed to be putting 4 trolleys back into service this fall, however I don't think any will be on the Madison line.

So I would not count on the trolleys at all for transportation. Poplar at Garland and McNeil is rather rough. I wouldn't live there.

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Let alone as a single female newcomer to Memphis. Plus, you wouldn't be within walking distance of UT. And it wouldn't be a safe walk either.

Personals in Tennessee

Blair Tower is right across from LeBonheur and is pretty rough. The Edison is down Jefferson and is pretty rough too. It is much safer, much better people living there. It would be a safer walk to UT, albeit down a major busy road Union but since it's so busy, the liklihood of something dangerous happening to you while walking is slim.

Personals in Tennessee

I wouldn't walk at night though, no way. The area is not within walking distance of any restaurants or shopping though. It's pretty much a place you live and then drive away from.

Personals in Tennessee

There is a complex on Union, right at the baseball park. I don't know what they are called now, they've gone thru some name changes over the years. It's right on Union, again, not very walkable to UT you could IF you were in a jam I suppose but there is probably a bus that runs down Union or Madison to take you there.

It's next to a gym and also downtown, so it's walkable to all bars and restaurants. That might be your best bet.

Personals in Tennessee

Fielder Square Apartments maybe? Check out this map of the bus system downtown. There are lines going down Poplar, Madison, Jefferson, and Union.

The latter 3 especially take you right to UT campus. If you lived in those apartments at the ballpark Fielder Square you could walk to a bus stop and get to UT. As to where exactly the bus stops are located that you'd walk to I can't tell from this map. They seem to have bus stops practically every block, so I'm sure one for the correct route wouldn't be too far. Keep in mind though, there is no grocery store downtown.

Not sure how'd you buy anything. There is a Walgreens though drugstore to buy things like toilet paper, etc.

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Also keep in mind that middle class people don't tend to use the buses here. Everyone has cars. So the people riding the buses may not be the best of the best, you know? Not saying they are dangerous, but it might be a bit of a shock to the system for a young single female from Europe. Yes, Fielder Square is a good option.

Personals in Tennessee

I had a friend in grad school that lived there. Very nice place. Walking in downtown is safe, so if you stayed a few blocks off Union, you'd be fine walking to catch the bus.

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I would do a double check on this forum for any potential apartments. Some people advertise "downtown" apartments that are not really geographically downtown -- just in nearby sketchy neighborhoods.

Personals in Tennessee

I agree that it's really tough to live in Memphis without driving. It's hard to explain this if you've never been to Memphis before.

Craigslist Memphis sex gay

The city is just really spread out and not deed for walkability. Maybe your employer has an internal message board where you could post about your need for housing? If you could find a shared housing situation temporarily, you could then tag along with a roommate to go shopping at least while you get your bearings. Oh good point, you'll be working at UT. They have an online board for housing, a whole department for it. Check the website.

Last edited by CristenS; at PM. I've taken over 20 driving lessons but that was when I was 17 so I'll need to practise a bit before I attempt to pass driving test in Memphis. Thank you for your opinions about the area of UT and your suggestions regarding distances. Bristol on Union complex looks nice, Fielder Square too.

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I will look at those two closely. To be honest, as the opinions about living in Memphis as in NOT in Cordova, Germantown or Mud Island are pretty discouraging in overal I think my best option would be to find some place for first 6 months - do my drivingget a car and move away from UT immediate proximity.

Hopefully this would allow me to get more comfortable with the UT campus as my workplace however rough the surroundings are.

Personals in Tennessee

I will get a driving and a car but meanwhile I need somewhere quite close to UT to live Cristen S - thank you for the UT housing website - although the search gave me Blair Towers which you said are pretty rough.

Adams Place is very close to Blair Towers so I guess quite rough too.

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Otherwise there is The Renaissance in Downtown - any opinions? Any thoughts on those choices? Thank you for all your help! ZIP: 38120 38127 38107 38106 38105 38104 38103 38109 38108 38152 38132 38133 38131 38134 38141 38112 38111 38114 38115 38116 38117 38118 38119 38018 38016 38128 38122 38125 38126 37501 37544 38088 38101 38113 38124 38130 38136 38137 38145 38148 38150 38151 38157 38159 38161 38163 38166 38168 38173 38174 38175 38177 38181 38182 38184 38186 38187 38188 38190 38193 38194 38197

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